(0007) Beautiful rural home with land in northern Ilhéus, Bahia BRL 500,000

  • Beautiful house made of mud and masonry;
  • 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom;
  • Large water reservoir;
  • 9.5 hectares of land, measured;
  • 2 streams;
  • Electricity in the entire lot;
  • 2 wells with tested mineral water;
  • Fruit trees all over the property (2.5 hectares), including 3000 banana trees, 3000 cloned cocoa tress, more than 150 types of fruit: cajá, mango, lima, 4 type of lemon (Taiti, tangerine, balão, regular), blueberry, fig, apple, guava (several types), orange (several types), noni, olive, avocado, umbu, umbu-cajá, seriguela, pitaya, cajarana;
  • Property with deed, all taxes paid. Documentation in order.